Acadia is one of the Five Hundred Kingdoms and features prominently in One Good Knight.


Acadia is a Kingdom that is located on the ocean and as such is an important trade port. Without trade, the Kingdom would cease to exist. As such, the Kingdom has the Acadian Merchant Fleet. It is surrounded on three sides by land and a deep water port on the fourth. Because of the deep water port, it makes it a good location for trade, but not for fishing, as fisherman can lose their lives on the rocky coast. It also benefits from having a good and well maintained road that runs right to the center of the Five Hundred Kingdoms.

People and CultureEdit

The majority of the population of Acadia know very little about the Tradition, as Acadia has not had a Godmother attending the Kingdom in the longest time. Only the nobility of Acadia are even aware of it. This plays a major factor when a dragon comes to the Kingdom with demands of a virgin girl being delivered into its claws, as no Godmother is there to thwart this from occurring, despite the fact that dragons have not appeared in the Kingdom either.

The culture of Acadia is rooted strongly in the tradition and culture of ancient Greece. The dress style reflects that of the tunics and togas worn by the citizens of this ancient culture. There is also a clear differential between the upper classes and the lower classes. For a long time, this was due to the fact that out of the shipwrecks that came on shore and the riches that should have gone to the people went directly into the coffers of the nobility, at the direction of Queen Cassiopea. The nobility also have slaves who actively serve them, and sometimes become as dear as family. Even though the slave trade is considered illegal in the country, Acadia is considered the end of the slave trade corridor, and nobles can still purchase slaves if they so choose.

Royalty and RulersEdit

In Acadia, the Royal Court is the center of the nobility. Based in the capital of Ethanos, Accadian nobles come here to participate in art and culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the Kingdom.

Queen Cassiopeia (Deceased, Former Queen)

Queen Andromeda (Current Ruler)

Periapt (Loremaster, Prince Consort)

Elena (Godmother)

Lord Hira