Daphne Klovis is one of the daughters of Madame (Theresa) Klovis, sister of Delphinium Klovis, and a stepsister of Elena.


When Madame Klovis comes into Elena's life, she brings with her two spoiled stepdaughters, Daphne and Delphinium. Daphne is the more portly of the two. When they moved into the household, they take over the house as a whole, with Daphne being accorded rooms for herself and her maid. This forces Elena to sleep on the hearth, until Daphne's maid after a few days states that the chamber she is staying in is beneath her, and leaves, and Elena is given back the room, despite Daphne's verbal protests.

Role In the SeriesEdit

Daphne is first shown in her mother's bedroom, as Elena is trying to lace her up into a corest that is too small for her. Madame states that her daughter would not have to go through so much pain to get into her clothing if she stopped eating so much, and Daphne retorts the food would have gone to waste, to which Elena thinks to herself that it would not have gone to waste, it would have been given to her. Once she is all coiffed and dressed, Daphne departs with her mother and sister.

When they return to the house and are whisked away to the judge, Daphne is beside herself and will not stop crying and bawling. When the judge pronounces the sentence, she bawls even louder. But a few months into working at the inn, she appears to making a change in herself and her attitude, meeting a young farmer and staring a relationship. In addition, she treats people with kindness and courtesy, and even shows remorse for the way she treated Elena and that she can understand why she ran away and wishes her luck. Fleur and Blance state that if she keeps it up, she will not be serving in an inn the rest of her life, but just might come upon her own happy ending, unlike her mother and sister, who have not learned a thing.