Delphinium Klovis is the daughter of Madame (Theresa) Klovis, sister of Daphne Klovis, and stepsister of Elena.


When Madame Klovis marries Elena's father, she brings with her two daughters. Delphinium is the thinner and more spinsterly of the two, taking after Madame.

Role In The SeriesEdit

When Delphinium is introduced, she and her mother and sister are enjoying breakfast as they get ready for their journey. While Daphne is being put into her corset, Delphinium insults her, to which Daphne responds. When Elena puts her in her corset, she remarks to herself that Delphinium is so thin, she should not need to wear a corset, and must wear it more for fashion. Delphinium then leaves with her mother and sister.

When they return and are swept into the courtroom, Delphinium takes after her mother in displaying an almost arrogant attitude towards the judge and the courtroom. When they are placed in the inn, rather then realize the error of her ways like Daphne, she remains angry, arrogant, and spinsterly. Fleur and Blanche remark that if she keeps this up, she will never leave the inn.