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History and UsesEdit

Dragon's Blood is a mythical item that is given to apprentice Godmothers and some non apprentices, to enable a person to be able to speak and talk to animals. It can either be gotten by asking a dragon who is willing to give it (example Gia and Adamant) or by killing the dragon and taking the Dragon's Blood from them. Typically, a Godmother prefers to use the more humane method to obtain the Dragon's Blood, as to keep relations between the Dragon Clans and Godmothers on good terms. So far in all six books of the Five Hundred Kingdoms Series, each main heroine has had to take a drink of Dragon's Blood.

Description Edit

Dragon's Blood is described to resemble a thick dark liquid resembling syrup. The taste is awful, and leaves a burning sensation in one's throat which is immediately purged by a strong tasting wine or cordial. Once washed down, however, the drinker can now understand the language of all animals, from the tiniest ant to the biggest whale.