Influences and Inspirations Edit

Orcas are more commonly referred to as killer whales in modern times. Orcas have made several appearances in folklore and stories around the globe. The indigenous natives of the Pacific Northwest coast in ancient times considered orcas to be gods. The Haida people regarded them as the most powerful creatures in the ocean. Other cultures by term believed orcas to be rulers of undersea Kindgoms and custodians of ancient lands. The first apperance in history of an orca was mentioned by the historian Pliny the Elder in AD70.

Appearances In The Series Edit

Orcas are a mode of transportation that are used in Katya's undersea Kingdom. Orcas have a reputation for stamina, strength, and speed, which is why Katya chooses to use one when travelling to the distant Kingdom of Nippon. In Fortune's Fool, Katya approaches a killer whale named Sharptooth to aid her in her journey. He agrees to aid her and takes her to Nippon.