Queen Cassiopeia is the main villain and primary antagonist of One Good Knight.


Queen Cassiopeia at one point in the history of Acadia married into the Royal Family by marrying Andromeda's father. Andromeda states that when she was born, her mother was very disappointed as she wasn't the little cherubic baby girl her mother wanted. Her husband died of unspecified causes and Cassiopeia was given the throne. Since then, she has ruled Acadia with Solon Adacritus by her side, her chief adviser and rumored lover, which has plunged the Kingdom into chaos as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Role In The SeriesEdit

Cassiopeia at the start of the book decides at the urging of Solon that she begin initiating her daughter into the ways of womanhood to keep her distracted and busy. In doing so, she gets rid of her daughter's old staff of the Six and gives her a brand new staff, and also allows her to start attending Morning Audiences with her. At one of these audiences, Andromeda asks her mother about why the money from the shipwrecks that occur from the shores on Acadia is going only to the Royals and not the public. Concerned by her daughter's interference, Cassiopeia is not horrified when Solon suggests they rig the drawing so that Andromeda is next sent to the dragon.


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Queen Cassiopeia shares the name of her Greek mythical counterpart, and is also the mother of Andromeda in this version as well. Rather then plot to kill her daughter, she sacrifices Andromeda to a massive sea monster. When Andromeda is saved, the Greek god Poseidon punished her by tying her to a chair and hanging her constellation in the sky.